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Benefits of BPM's AirTight Spray Foam

Today’s high energy costs require today’s high-technology insulation.  The high R-Value and performance characteristics of Spray Polyurethane Foam Insulation contribute to a building’s increased comfort and energy efficiency.  BPM Spray Foam is Central Florida’s licensed applicator of AirTight Spray Foam Insulation, and your partner in a well-insulated construction project.

The benefits of AirTight Closed-Cell Spray Foam Insulation over Fiberglass or Cellulose products are many:

  •   Very high R-value per inch – more insulation into less space.
  •   Adds structural strength – serves as added hurricane protection.
  •   Seals cracks and crevices – provides a superior seamless air barrier.
  •   Moisture and vapor barrier – inhibits moisture penetration.
  •   Applied to underside of roof deck, not top of ceiling – so attics stay much cooler, greatly reducing heat load on air conditioning equipment and ducts.
  •   Safe – Meets Class 1 Building and Burn Requirements, no formaldehyde.
  •   Will not settle, shrink or shift.
  •   Cleaner – doesn’t trap dust and dirt; doesn’t provide nesting material for insects and rodents.
  •   Cost effective – reduce up-front A/C equipment costs, and long-term energy costs.

We also offer AirTight Open-Cell Spray Foam Insulation for many of the same benefits with reduced cost.

If you are interested in these benefits for your construction project, BPM Spray Foam will work to earn your business.  From new construction to remodels, residential to commercial/industrial, we provide full-service insulation at competitive prices.  Call us today to arrange a no-obligation estimate on your project.